Types of activities


CPQ Ingenieros manages all types of equipment and facilities legalizations:

  • License of business activities.
  • License for construction works.
  • Electrical project of high and low voltage.
  • Preparation of documents for protection against explosive atmospheres (ATEX).
  • Generators.
  • Installation of pressure vessels.
  • Pipelines for thermal oil and steam.
  • Storage of chemical products and especially of those who have the following specific ITC:
    • MIE-APQ1 Storage of inflammable and combustible liquids.
    • MIE-APQ2 Ethylene oxide storage.
    • MIE-APQ3 Chlorine storage.
    • MIE-APQ4 Storage of anhydrous ammonia.
    • MIE-APQ5 Storage of compressed gases.
    • MIE-APQ6 Storage of corrosive liquids.
    • MIE-APQ7 Storage of toxic liquids.
    • MIE-APQ9 Storage of peroxides
  • Lifts and freight elevators.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Installation of natural gas.
  • Air compressor.
  • Air distribution network.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Fire protection pumps (UNE, NFPA, FM).
  • Etc.