In order to respond to the needs of design, implementation and validation of pharmaceutical and cosmetics laboratories under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, CPQ Ingenieros has created the CPQ Pharma division, with the objective of developing these projects from the whole, including our extensive and proven experience in pharmaceutical design and incorporating the disciplines of civil engineering to industrial construction, architecture of sanitary clean rooms, specific services for these plants (purified water, treatment of air for totally clean rooms, dust collection,…) and the generation of a global validation document of the entire installation, from civil engineering to global services.

This allows us to have a unitary and validated documentation for any laboratory project, which simplifies official inspections and ensures success in the subsequent revalidations.

Additionally, we have reliable contacts with leading companies who are dedicated to the specific facilities necessary for this type of projects, having successfully worked with most of the leading brands in laboratories throughout the Iberian Peninsula.